About Ms. Joab

Myckhaila Joab is pursuing a Doctor of Education Degree in Early Childhood Education at Walden University.

She currently possesses a Master of Arts in Child Studies from Concordia University Montreal, Quebec. Before this, she acquired her Bachelor of Arts (1st Class Honours) double majoring in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Arts, and minoring in Human Development from Eckerd College, USA.

She is a lifetime member of the Psi Chi International Honour Society in Psychology, and of the Golden Key International Honour Society for Academia and Education. She also holds an A/Honours in ACAT Psychology, and was a recipient of the Mobility Award (Concordia University) and the Spirit of the Creative Arts Department (Eckerd College).

In addition to Developmental Assessments, Myckhaila is also a part-time Child Development lecturer at one of our local Tertiary level institutions; and the Director/Principal of a private Preschool. Before this, she was a Preschool teacher, assisted Professors in teaching Child Development courses to Undergraduate students at Concordia University, and Creative Arts Therapy and Human Development courses at Eckerd College.

From her involvement with Theatre and Musical Arts to Religious settings and events, and Educational Assessments, Myckhaila has worked with children of all ages for various years.

She is trained and has certification in observation, development and assessment of children and the environment within which they operate.

Myckhaila is a firm advocate for the voice of the child and her mission is to help build self-loving and self-confident children who are capable of achieving anything, despite of and/or in addition to, any atypicality or obstacles that may come their way.

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