Our Process

Joab Developmental Assessments uses a three-step process to screen, assess and provide consultation for our clients.


Screening Sessions

Parents/Guardians sit and meet with Myckhaila to discuss their child and his/her developmental journey. They are invited to voice their concerns and questions. This session is for parents/guardians only.


Assessment Sessions

Multiple testing dates are needed to complete the comprehensive assessment. While Myckhaila works with your child, parents/guardians will be invited to either wait and observe the sessions from the observation theatre or participate in the assessment sessions.


Consultation Sessions

Three weeks after all assessment data are collected, a consultation session is held where Myckhaila goes over all testing results and referral plans. This meeting is for parents/guardians.

Depending on age and ability, a request is made to meet with the child to engage in a child-friendly consultation session.

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We look forward to working with you and your children, to help them achieve all their developmental goals.

Joab Developmental Assessments